Out of the Family

Taboo Family Porn!

I remember when I was a young teenager guy dating this cute petite girl with firm tits. Her name was Gia and her parents were divorced and she lived with her dad and his new wife. One afternoon I went by her house to say hi. I rang the door, but apparently Gia was still not home from the church school cause she didn't open the door but her stepmom. She had just come out of the shower with her long curly hair still wet, wearing nothing but booty pants and a shirt so tight that I could see her big tits and stiff nipples through the thin fabric... and damn bro, she was fucking HOT!
Awkwardly enough Gia's step mom starts asking me all these questions about Gia, wondering if I yet had sex yet with her stepdaughter. I said 'no man, Gia is still making me wait, why?'. She then replies "Well, young man, have you ever been with an older woman?" I was speechless not knowing what to answer and before I even knew it, she grabs my bulge and starts massaging my cock! Next, she unzips my jeans, whips out my dick and starts sucking it like only a real experienced MILF can do!
Suddenly Gia comes home and freaks out when she sees what's going on. "Mom, wtf are you doing with my boyfriend!?". Her stepmom replies, "New rule honey" as she locks eyes on me, letting me know that if I "wanna fuck my daughter, gotta fuck me first!" I happily oblige as Gia's stepmom starts teaching her how to suck a man's cock! Is this for real!? Next both Gia and her stepmom take turns riding my dick before it's time for the next lesson, Gia's stepmom begs me to fuck her ass while she is licking her stepdaughter's soaking wet pussy! Holy fuck man, this is just Out of the Family!


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